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Feyi Adetunji

Feyisola Adetunji is a highly regarded international business and diplomatic protocol expert with an impressive track record spanning over fifteen years. His extensive experience encompasses a wide range of leadership and administrative roles, showcasing his versatility as an accomplished entrepreneur, political strategist, and education specialist, with a particular focus on inclusion, vocational, and technical education. .


Personal experience

During his tenure as the Head of International Protocol/Liaison at the office of the Registrar/Chief Executive of a Federal Government of Nigeria parastatal, Feyisola played a pivotal role in shaping the board’s international engagements and liaison activities, leaving an indelible mark.

Feyisola’s proficiency extends to the realm of consulting in international business, cross-cultural communication, and diplomatic protocol, where he caters to a diverse clientele that includes corporate entities, national governments, international dignitaries, aristocrats, chief executives, and influential political figures.

Honors & awards

With dual honors bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and
Education, Feyisola currently serves as the Director of International
Affairs and Strategic Partnership at Crownesther International, a
renowned entity recognized for its prowess in propelling client brand
growth, optimizing corporate operational excellence, and driving
organizational performance to new heights.

Having honed his skills at esteemed institutions such as the European School of Protocol, London, and The Protocol School of Washington, USA, Feyisola has earned significant training accolades. He maintains an active role as a member of the Protocol and Diplomacy International – Protocol Office Association (PDI-POA) and various other prestigious global professional associations, underlining his unwavering commitment to advancing excellence within the field of international protocol and business diplomacy.

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